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Your American Financial Planner here in Manila

If you are living in Manila and seeking an experienced financial planner, with 20 plus years experience, that consults and doesn't sell products, investments or high commission junk, feel free to contact me.

I utilize the industry's best financial planning technology (eMoney now owned by Fidelity) and an investment custodian that will maintain your FATCA requirements set by the IRS (Interactive Brokers). Both are American based owned and operating and fall under the compliance and review of the SEC, FINRA and the State Insurance Commission of the State you claim residence.

All clients are provided a financial plan, written and accessible via the internet (updates real-time, daily).

Greater Manila has a ton of phone solicitors stating they are "advisors, planners, brokers, agents, etc" and they provide no written plan. At best, you might get a spreadsheet from Excel or sales product proposal, which is NOT inclusive of the 6 areas of financial planning, which are:

1 - Income Allocation includes, financial statement preparation and analysis (including cash flow analysis/planning and budgeting)
2 - Risk Management
3 - Investing for Wealth Accumulation
4 - Tax Planning Strategies
5 - Retirement Planning
6 - Estate Planning

Don't implement (invest), insure or ignore taxes and estate outcomes without a written financial plan!

These people are selling stuff and sadly it only benefits the sales person first and foremost with big commissions and typically results in your money being held in foreign accounts and custodians.

No follow-up after the "sale".

Keep in mind that the Philippines has no jurisdiction or governing body overseeing what Expats are selling to other Expats. This results in you having no recourse when things get bad in the market or when you need your money back in the form of income or withdrawal for the stated date or goal.

I am the ONLY Financial Planner, from the United States, practicing in Manila and serving Expats throughout South East Asia.

If you seek honest, qualified advice by someone who understands the tax, estate and investment rules and regulations of Americans, please contact me.

No obligation. Let's talk and see if you need my professional advice.

Remember: there is no free lunch, get quick scheme, or tax advantage product you can purchase living abroad as an Expat, that wasn't already available back when you resided in the United States.

So be careful, cautious and consider experience, objectivity and my ability to deliver you a financial plan.

Objective advice with Integrity.

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