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Anyone keen to exercise together? (Mannheim)


Hi Everyone,

As winter is just around the corner, my usual activities have been pushed indoors, and I've made a discovery!

I've discovered that working out alone is NO FUN!

I'm looking for a group of people who either work out regularly and can help me work out the machines etc myself, or fun minded people to come and get to know each other while we work our way through the gym together.

I'm wondering if anyone would like to meet up to exercise together. I have a membership to McFit, but I'm open to maybe some walking outdoors or something. (This isn't a McFit ad, I don't want anyone to sign up or anything).

I'm also interested in Rock climing at the indoor hall, or horseback riding somewhere.

If you're already doing one, two, or all of these things or you want to get started, lets get in touch!

For your information: I AM NOT A FITNESS FREAK! I'm not going to do protein powders with you and talk about my body fat. I just want to make exercise a social as well as a physical activity. You're welcome to protein powder away! NO judgement :-)


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