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Support Your Local Researcher :-) (Mannheim)

Hello my dear Mannheim expats,

as you know in an expats life things are sometimes not easy. If you go to a new place you always need to adjust to the local and culural conditions. I'm sure you experienced different funny as well as frustrating situations in your job and private life when you came to Germany.

To foster positive effects of working abroad for expatriates, psychologists started to ask what are the influencing factors for a successful and balanced expat life. This was around the 70's. Nowadays we know that personality, experience, cultral conditions as well as job and private life indicators take the strongest influence on satisfaction and productivity during the stay abroad.

Knowledge from psychological expatriate research is an essential tool to improve the transfer and working conditions in companies and to prepare people for their new job in a new culture. But there are so many open questions in this field and the knowledge has its origin in many different academic sources like specific journals and essays, hands-on experience in companies and private research. So many patches need to be put toghether - a blanket is be a much more useful tool. In the sense of knowledge from psychological expatriate research a structural model of personal, cultural, job and general life influences is a good option to build the useful tool. This might establish a new standard knowledge base for further research.

Now you may ask yourself why I publish this article here in the Mannheim Forum. Well, I 'm a business psycholgist and I started my doctoral research project at the University of Mannheim to do my best and create a model that covers the problem given aboven. After four years of theoretical research in international acadmic studies and essays I developed a survey for an empirical test.

The subject of this article SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RESEARCHER is my personal request to the Mannheim Community to help by filling in my survey:

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It takes Protected content to end it. I hope you could spend a little of your time. Every filled survey is a gift to me!

For more informationon my project take a look at Protected content or contact me directly on InterNations.

Thanks a lot for reading all this :-) I 'm so looking forward to the response of this great community.

Have a good time & see you at the next event of InterNations Mannheim:
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