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FACE YOUR PERSONALITY!... Webinar with No. 1 Physi (Maputo)

Webinar with No. 1 Physiognomy and Personology Speaker. Free Seats.
The Personality Profile is a comprehensive concept for learning about ourselves and others we are interested in (business partners, candidates etc.). Yet it goes beyond that!...
Through it you can tune into your learning, thinking, expressive and perceptual style, feelings and emotions, values, desires, interests and physical action needs.
It is a documentation of one's trait patterns and their interactions that produce innate talents and skills!...
The Personology/Physiognomy Profile provides you also with a self-portrait that is amazingly accurate. Many people claim that the Profile recognizes them in entirety.
Validation for some, an epiphany experience for others, you may feel fully identified for your sensibilities, preferences and values.

All these and more in our Next Physiognomy Afterhours Web Conference.
Book your seat for an amazing experience.
Free Seats Available for Southern Africa only.
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