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Health Insurance for expatriates and nationals (Maputo)

When someone lives and/or works outside our country of origin we need to assure ourselves and our family that our health is not at stake anywhere in the world. Anyone, at any age, might suddenly be confronted with a critical condition (cardiac problems, cerebral vascular accident, cerebral malaria, etc) for which there are no proper assistance conditions locally and one has to be evacuated and hospitalized in a medical structure in a country such as South Africa - preferably taking someone with you to assist you while you are being treated (check our SILVER Plans) without having to pay any further in terms of transport and accommodation in a foreign country. With our SILVER Plans EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR. The budget of your employer will not be dented and your savings of a life time will not be depleted! Speak to us at OracleMed Health. We are a South African company specialized in offering innovative and affordable International Heal Insurance Plans to Companies and individuals in Africa. We are an AFRICAN company and therefore we know the continent and the African people like the palm of our hand.
Phone me or send me an email as soon as possible, in your own interest. Don't minimize your health risks... be aware of them!
Dário Bettencourt
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