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James Smit
Managing Member at RJR Services, Mozambique
The stark reality of addressing (“Poverty Reduction, Marginalized African Women Farmers, education in the agriculture sector and unemployment in rural areas”) sustainable development projects is that access to help at the final hurdle is complex. Many faint-hearted will throw in the towel with a clear conscious of pouring funds in, to breathe life into this cause. The reality is that never can research be under-estimated. However research also uncovers facts that are not conducive to development. What Africa needs desperately is a screening qualified body for purposes of evaluation when it comes to pursuing an agricultural or farming project. In the event of someone knowing of such a body or group kindly let it be known. We all have a responsibility to address the needs of Africa. This is our continent, our home and our legacy should reflect full cooperation. Lip-service does not cut it unfortunately. What is needed is true and genuine “What can I do, is there someone I know or can Mr Joe Doe not get involved” approach to many good causes. Assembling at seminars, events, action groups and costly discussions should therefore deliver clear roads to assistance and guidance to achieve the objective, not just a study of what the situation on the ground at roots-level is or is not. The objective is to bring hope, to offer assistance, to address poverty, to restore women’s dignity in the rural farming sector, to do away with marginalizing African women farmers by getting involved. Help is at hand. It is just a road with no signs for direction and stuck away in a very difficult area to navigate.

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