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Improv Maputo

New exciting activity in town: Improvisational Theatre

What is it?
Improvisation is a form of theatre where all or most of what is happening on stage is created on the moment. Actors have no written dialogue or plot to follow. Each performer is, at once, his or her own director, playwriter, scenographer, choreographer.

“Sanity is actually a pretence, a way we learn to behave. We keep this pretence up because we don’t want to be rejected by other people - and being classified insane is to be shut out of the group in a very complete way. Most people I meet are secretly convinced that they're a little crazier than the average person. People understand the energy necessary to maintain their own shields, but not the energy expended by other people. They understand that their own sanity is a performance, but when confronted by other people they confuse the person with the role. Sanity has nothing directly to do with the way you think. Its a matter of presenting yourself as safe.”
Keith Johnstone (Improv: Improvisation and the Theatre)

"The only rule is that there are no rules."
Del Close

“It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play.”
Dizzy Gillespie

What will you learn?

First of all, you will have a lot of fun. You are supposed to have fun and enjoy it, otherwise we won't do it. We will work on:

- SPONTANEITY, Follow your impulse
- LISTENING, Take care of your partner and trust him/her
- ACCEPTING, Yes and...!
- CREATIVITY, Use your imagination

With these skills in your bag, we will practice:

- COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING, Improvising stories together
- INITIATING SCENES, How do you start?
- SCENE DEVELOPMENT, What comes next?

However, this is not a language course! Even though you do not need to be a native English-speaker, we expect you to be confident enought to interact fluently.

How to participate?

Send us an email to the following address Protected content with a brief description of yourself (max. Protected content telling us about the reasons why you would like to join the improv group. Previous acting experience is not mandatory, therefore do not worry if you don't have any, it's just as fine.

Where is it going to be?

We will communicate the venue later to the participants. The space will be in the city center, in the Sommerschield area.

When will it be?

Classes start on October 8st for 8 consecutive weeks + a show in front of the audience

The duration of each class is 3 hours, from 6pm to 9pm.

What is the class fee?

The corresponding fee for the 8 weeks of class is Protected content .

How many participants will there be?

The maximum number of participants is 10.

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