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Maputo Kidnappings: All updates

Hi there all members.

Due to the way that these kidnappings in Maputo have escalated, we have felt it necessary to create a specific thread in which to have all posts about this unfortunate situation situated for easier reference.

The expat community is especially vulnerable, but if we are safe and aware, we should be able to avoid this affecting ourselves.

Some helpful tips:

1) Always travel together. Women and children should preferably not travel alone where possible. The more people criminals have to deal with, the more of a deterrent we form to would-be perpetrators.

2) Ensure your online banking details, especially with local banks are secure. Change passwords and codes if necessary.

3) Vary the routes you travel to your places of work, schooling etc. Try to avoid any regular movement patterns.

4) As far as is possible, initiate the best security you can. Consult with local security firms to see what are the best measures you can make.

5) Call your guards ahead of arriving at your home/place of work so that gates can be opened speedily for re-entry into your premises and closed immediately.

6) If possible, let your loved ones keep some kind of tracking device on them that is discreet.

Although some of these may seem extreme, these kidnappings are taking place on a more and more regular basis. If you feel you are at threat or could be a target, do the best you can to ensure your safety.

For a long time, expats have been living here with a false sense of security. Some of our members, including myself, have been the targets of crime. Prevention is definitely better than the cure!

Please feel free to post your own advice or updates here, and most importantly, be safe!


James Blonde
Maputo Internations Ambassador

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