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Tip on Where not to rent! (Maputo)

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would contribute to this forum by sharing our very bad experience, and a piece of advice on what not to do!
We are a family with a small child, arrived in Maputo a little over 2 months ago, and like everyone else, been thrown into the challenging game of house hunting in Maputo! We found a house which was not fully ready, needed a quote of paint inside and outside and refurbishment of bathrooms. The landlord made a commitment to do all these, and we trusted them as they one of the most “reputable” family of Maputo!
Long story short, they took a month of deposit ($5,500), never delivered the house, and when we wanted to cancel the lease they took our furniture hostage in return of another month of rent!! We hired a lawyer, but they advised us that the landlord is the son of a very influential government party official, and that we have very little chance to fight them in Mozambican court!! Moreover they were extremely aggressive and rude and harassing us all the time. So we ended up paying $11,000 for a house which we never used, but just to avoid being subject to more harassment and god knows what else!!
The address of the house is Rua Daniel Napatima, no. Protected content Sommershield, and the landlord is called Eduardo Vieira!
good luck to everyone who is going through the same ordeal of house hunting in Maputo!

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