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Tips & advice for our holidays in Mozambique (Maputo)

Hi everyone.

My name is Hala and I'm a member of Internations Frankfurt.

My boyfriend and I will be spending 3 weeks in Mozambique as of next Saturday and I just discovered there was an IN community in Maputo! So I take advantage to ask whether there is any Internations event planned in Maputo next week-end. And if you have any tips or advice for us.

We don't have a set itinerary. We would like to spend a couple of days in Kruger bu not quite sure how to manage.And where to stay, it seems it's all fully booked at Kruger.

We also want to go diving and will head North along the coast. Should we hire a car or can we manage with public transport?

Anyway any piece of information will be appreciated. We're also always happy to meet people if some of you want to go for a bite or a drink next Saturday.


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