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Vigilante warning (Maputo)

Good morning

On Friday morning at 3 am my husband was on his way back from the Xaixai area. He had left home at 9.30 pm to go and attend to a truck that had been in an accident. He turned off the EN1 near Zimpeto and was driving towards the sea on the trial ring road when all of a sudden 5 men with pangas ran down the bank next to the road in an attempt to stop him, he managed to speed past them only to be confronted by another group of men, also yielding pangas. Somehow he managed to dodge the second group. Approximately Protected content further down the same road there was yet another group of men but this time they had put rocks in the road so Steve had to race up a bank onto the ‘New’ ring road. He then decided to go to the security at CRBC(Chinese construction company)and wait for light at which time he made his way home.

Please be warned that there are some very angry, extremely dangerous men out there and it is not advisable to travel anywhere at night, especially not between midnight and first light.

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