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Looking for a job around Malaga/Torremolinos (Marbella)

Hi everybody,

I am a happy young girl at almost 25.

I just moved from Copenhagen to Torremolinos 2 weeks ago, and im looking for a permanemt job in Malaga or Torremolinos areas. I have a lot of work experience, you can take a look at my profile.

If you want to know more, I can give you my full CV by e-mail.

I am open for almost everything, im a quick learner!

I speak and write floating English and Danish.

My personality

I am very interested in a healthy lifestyle. I have a strong winning mentality.

I am recreational photographer , I love to photograph various nature, animals and human movements .
Here I work with Photoshop Illustrator and Lightroom to edit images.

I am an optimistic person who takes care of other people around me. I have a very large amount of empathy that makes me a good motivator and communicator and I have a good ability to get people with me.

I thrive as personal best with new experiences in life, and a solid background , why travel, boyfriend and family are high priorities for me.

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