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Education Support - Young Children (Marrakech)

Hi Everyone

I am new to Internations.. I've joined up because my Moroccan wife and I are thinking to take a sabbatical from the UK and move to Marrakech for a year to build a house in the High Atlas where we have recently purchased some land.

We have three children age 12, 11 and 3 and we are looking to offer them, especially the two eldest (daughters) the opportunity to learn traditional Maroc / Berber skills and handicrafts like weaving, pottery and so forth while we home school them for a year before returning to the Brit state school system,

Does anyone have any info, thoughts or suggestions on where we might start on this in terms of locating possible craft schools, home school support or other relevant support networks, either in Marrakech, the Atlas or elsewhere in Morocco for expats ? We are open to moving around the country a bit while we are there, and also to any other positive ideas which would make out trip a good experience for the children in terms of education personal development and so forth.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

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