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The Inter. Event is not a single Party, only commu (Marrakech)


Hello Friends
i got some mails from Expat woman, which told me, that some Moroccan students at the last events are running behind them in the event and also on the way home..

The events are not single parties...this i will post here very seriously.

The events are to connect in communication about business, jobs, housing and other problems which we have all in a strange city and a strange country to survive here....
We all need to stay together in this hard times with less business.

We all like also to have communication with natives which are no expats , but also meet us as the events..We are all happy to live here in peace in Morocco and can do our business for which we also need our Moroccan friends..

We respect them in their positions and as partners as well as friends.. but the personal choice for a partnership or a relation should not be start on this events..

I hope all which i mean will understand this..

Best greetings Don Ronaldo

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