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Working in Marrakech

Marrakech has a developing economy, but its job market is still not the most appealing. However, some opportunities are available for expats and especially high-skilled workers are in demand. Check out our InterNations Expat Guide for more information about working in Marrakech!

Local Economy 

The city of Marrakech plays a fundamental part in the Moroccan economy. Improvements to the roads from Marrakech to the airport, Agadir and Casablanca have led to a huge increase in tourism, which has brought a huge amount of investment to the area. 

Over two million tourists now visit Marrakech annually. Recently more people have chosen to move to the city, and new housing developments have dramatically increased as people are lured by its abundance of culture and cheap housing. However, despite this and the boom in tourism, the majority of people who live in the city are still poor, with many households still having no access to electricity or water. 

The city also hosts the AeroExpo International Exhibition of aeronautical industries and Riad Art Expo where it can showcase industries internationally. Add to that Marrakech’s International Film Exhibition and the opportunities and it makes a great place for expatriates to find work. 

Job Hunting in Marrakech

Due to the growth of new hotels in Marrakech, with the opening of five-star hotels such as the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental, there are plenty of opportunities for expats in the hospitality industry. There are also two large cinema complexes and a new shopping mall, Al Mazar, super club Pacha, three golf courses, several supermarkets; including a Carrefour and 18 souks, employing over 40,000 people.

Industrial production in Marrakech takes place in Sidi Ghanem Al Massar, where there are large factories, and workshops making pottery, stone works and plumbing. There are also many opportunities to teach English in Marrakech. 

Income Taxation in Marrakech

As per the rest of Morocco, Marrakech residents pay a progressive tax. The rates are as follows:

  • Up to 30,000 MAD (3,000 USD): 0%
  • 30,001–50,000 MAD (5,000 USD): 10% 
  • 50,000–60,000 MAD (6,000 USD): 20%
  • 60,000–80,000 MAD (8,000 USD): 30%
  • 80,000–180,000 MAD (18,000 USD): 34%
  • 180,000 MAD or more: 38%

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