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Considering a Move to Marseille with family

Hi Everyone!
I am looking for some basic advice to begin with, before we get into the nitty-gritty. I am German but have been living with my American husband and two daughters Protected content 8) in San Francisco, CA, USA, for 12 years. We are looking for a change of pace, but don't want to go back to Germany. What I'd like to know is mainly: how crazy are we to consider this? We have no jobs lined up there, but he's a lawyer and I'm a solar industry professional. We have some money to live off of for a while, but would need jobs ultimately to sustain ourselves. We want our kids to learn French (ours is passable). Also I'm not so sure how our nationalities will be received (I am aware that the French are fans of neither Americans nor Germans. But we're the good kind, honest!!!) My husband and I can deal with hostility should it come up, but I don't want to expose my kids to that (should it exist). Other than having this idea we do not know where or how to start. Can anyone give us their 2 cents about this? Pursue or find another solution for a change of pace?
Thank you so much!!

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