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Looking to move to Marseille area

Hello Marseille community!

I'm pretty excited at the prospect of moving to the Marseille area! The idea is not complete yet, but that's where you guys come in. :)

My fiance (Spanish) and I are to be married in May, and following that, we would like to move abroad. He works for Eurocopter and is exploring possible transfers to their installations in Marignane (where the airport is).

We are open to living in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence (or other communities by your recommendations!), but all that will probably depend on where I can find a job.

I know about Pôle-Emploi website for job search, but are there any other good websites for job searching?

Is there any catalog of companies in the Marseille area? Or can anybody tell me about companies in the area? (for example, I used to live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA and I would tell people that major employers were Toshiba, Dell, Bellsouth, Vanderbilt, etc., something you wouldn't know unless you had been around Nashville).

And,... a little about me, I'm an American living in Madrid, Spain (for 5+ years), so my mother tongue is English, and I'm completely fluent in Spanish. I'm working on French, but at this point I'm not *yet* able to hold a conversation. :( That will change! My degree is in Information Technology. I've worked at web portal and application development and technical writing for digital products in the past. Currently, I've transformed into an IT products and services consultant and business developer. I'm particularly interested in moving into business development regardless of industry (that's to say, not necessarily IT... I'm very interested in the wine industry). I also spent two year teaching English to Spaniards.

Merci beaucoup d'avance!

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