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Moving to Marseille this summer

Dear Marseille community members,

I’ve been recently offered an interesting job position within an international company based in Marseille. There are very serious possibilities that I’ll take the job because I pretty much like the proposal and also because after 5 years of living experience in Paris it is probably time to enjoy of a more balanced quality of life in a vibrant Mediterranean city like Marseille. I still haven’t made a final decision, but I have to do it this month of May and consequently I should be moving by July.

I guess that the housing market in Marseille is not as complex and expensive as it is in Paris. Would anyone recommend me a reliable Real State Agency used to provide fully-furnished rentals to expatriates? In Paris there is a very good one called Lodgis which additionally does not require tenants to have a French grantor. I’m pretty much looking for the same in Marseille, if that may exists. I would also like to know what should be the average price in Marseille for a 40m² furnished apartment located in a decent area of the city.

Thank you in advance for all good advices that you can provide.

Best regards,


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