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Super method for french classes (Marseille)

Have you ever heard of: The GPA (Growing participator approach) ?

The method: With It you will not only learn French as a scholastic way, but will be considered as a host by your teacher and you exchange a lot more than basic exercises to improve your French in all circumstances.

The method consists of 6 phases depending on your level.
* Phase 1 : A1 level or complete beginner
* Phase 2 : A2 level or beginners with some basics
* Phase 3 : B1 level or pre-intermediate / early conversation
* Phase 4 : B2 level or intermediate level
* Phase 5 : C1 level or self / conversation
* Phase 6 : C2 level or bilingual

The classes: The host student learns new words and expressions. Each course is debriefed, new things learned are recorded and then replayed the next course and review are made each end of phase.
Relationships with students grow up each courses to make them as comfortable as possible with the host teacher and the language itself. The goal is to be totally comfortable with the student's environment.

These classes are custom made, so you choose the types of exercises that best suit your level, your personality and your favorite activities and places where you are most comfortable studying.

* We choose types of exercises and activities among all those proposed in the method
and courses can be provided at home or in public places (libraries, parks, gardens ...).

* We use the video and audio media (short videos, audio books, recording conversations...)

* We share experiences like conversation meetings, social, sport activities (hiking, biking, tennis...), famous places visits or whatever you are interested to do or discover.
All our teachers are committed not only on the basis of their knowledge in the language they teach, but also their personal qualities of patience and kindness as well as their knowledge of the area in which they live .

Project director profile:

Remy, 32, La Seyne sur Mer:
“I learned a lot of my trips, either through sports as a former high-level cyclist or as an expat in Australia during one year.
The exchanges between people from different cultures are unforgettable moments that make me grow up and understand that everyone has something to learn from each other and at each new meeting.
I use my applied foreign languages degree knowledge and my qualities of creativity, sympathy, patience, openness and attendance to make successful this method based on the intrinsic qualities of the teachers.
I used this method with many host students with great succes.”


“If I have other people on Marseille needing to do what we did I will definitely check and see if you are available.”
(Saul, Wenatchee, U.S.A.)
“Je vous recommande Rémy. Vous passerez de super moments et vous apprendrez beaucoup avec lui.”
(Christine, Turramurra, Australia)
“Sei bravissimo è stato fantastico sei un insegnante bravo.”
(Lucrezia, Milano, Italia)
“Cursurile de franceza cu Rémy sunt interesante pentru ca sunt diferite si interactive. Fiecare curs nu se aseamănă unul cu altul. Si asta îmi place mult.”
(Adrian, Iasi, România)

Feel free to try it and contact me for more informations (all documents on the methodology are available if necessary).

The fare is 12€/hour.
Possibility of group classes.

Contact :
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