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Dancing/Music lessons/Art/Sculpture (Mascarene Islands)

Hi, I've been in Mauritius for nearly a year now, but have been unable to find a good place where my 4 kids can do ballet/eastern dance, singing, piano/drums/guitar or art/sculpture.
I have been introduced to a few places where these things are taken very seriously and kids do all sorts of exams in music and dance. Or I have seen art teachers who TELL the kids how to draw a human or say things like 'No, that's not the way the snowman's nose looks. You MUST put a carrot nose.' This is not the way to do creativity lessons. That's not what I'm looking for. I want a place where children feel free and happy to learn the arts purely for pleasure, where they are encouraged to explore and feel good about what they CAN do.
If you know such a place, please reply. I'm desperate. My kids miss this type of thing very much.

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