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Westeva is seeking a highly motivated intern to assist in a variety of administrative tasks. The specific tasks that the intern will be expected to perform are described below.
The successful candidate will be responsible for a variety of administrative tasks to support the establishment and growth of a big-data analytics-based renewable energy company in Envigado, Colombia. The position is for Protected content per week for a Protected content period and if the candidate demonstrates motivation and skill in the various tasks it is expected that the position will increase to full-time within six months. Flexibility, broad-based knowledge and skill set in a variety of administrative functions, coupled with judgment and initiative will be key success metrics for the transition to full-time.
• Phone and e-mail correspondence with clients, partners, and others related to Westeva’s business. Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for this effort.
• All record keeping, including licensing, filing DIAN and other required documents, as well as corresponding with Westeva’s business partners.
• Managing various ongoing processes, including coordinating with Westeva’s attorney and accountants, to insure that the company’s financial and legal requirements are both current and advanced forward.
• Assisting the CEO with travel coordination, meetings, and other related items that are common in any company.
• Acquiring office supplies and other logistical items required by the company.
• Other administrative tasks to support the company’s sustainment and growth, as required.

• Strong interpersonal skills, including strong written and oral skills. Communication with clients, vendors, and others is a major portion of the job, and it is critical that the person be charismatic as well as focused.
• Ability to work independently on tasks without a great deal of oversight, including a proven ability to use innovative means to complete a project.
• Trustworthiness and honesty are crucial
• Proficient in BOTH English and Spanish.
• Strong knowledge in the Internet/WWW, especially with regards to information gathering and data collection. Background or experience in social networking is not relevant.
• Background in word processing (Word) and spreadsheet tools (Excel), or other related software
• Background in statistics, especially spatial analysis, with a background or willingness to learn/use the R programming language.
• Basic proficiency in preferably open source GIS applications. (ARC, QGIS, others)

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