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Hard/Failed Start in Barranquilla (Medellin)



my name is Jan and this is my first post here.

This January I moved from the UK (Bournemouth) to Barranquilla on a tourist Visa and extended it some days ago. Since February I have been trying to get a job in Barranquilla. I have been invited for several interviews, which all went very well. However, when I raised the question regarding contract/work visa the interviewers` mind changed completely and I was told that they cannot hire people without a work visa.
A German Professor at Uni Norte told me, that he knows a lot of teachers that came to Barranquilla but had to leave again as their partners were unable to get a job here. Furthermore, he said Barranquilla is not a good place for foreigners to get a job.
So my partner and I decided to consider Medellin as a town to move to in case I can find a job there.
Is Medellin a more “foreigner friendly” city and are there companies that require English and German speakers?

Many Thanks


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