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Westeva is seeking a highly motivated interns for a renewable energy project in data collection and GIS analysis. The specific tasks that the intern will be expected to work on are described below.
Task 1: Electricity sector data collection Collect and record in a database recent electricity prices for residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the Latin America region, including the major electricity provider information.
• Identify and collect information for existing electricity generation projects throughout the western hemisphere, including:
o Type of project (thermal CCG, wind, etc.)
o Capacity (MW) of project
o Project financial information, including capital costs, project ownership, debt/equity holder, and years in operation.
o Latitude/longitude of project
o Performance characteristics, if available
o Emissions information
Task 2: GIS and statistical analysis
• Develop various GIS scripts for spatial mapping, analysis, and plotting of information.
• Create spatial layers of various input fields including resource and other environmental fields.
• Work closely with Westeva staff on integrating developed methodologies into larger scale modeling framework.
• Strong interest and background in renewable energy. Interest in environmental issues such as climate change.
• Ability to work independently including a proven ability to use innovative means to complete a project.
• Willingness to travel and work from Westeva’s offices in Boston at least 25% of time.
• Strong knowledge in the Internet/WWW, especially with regards to information gathering and data collection. Background or experience in social networking is not relevant.
• Background in word processing (Word) and spreadsheet tools (Excel), or other related software
• Background in statistics, especially spatial analysis, with a background or willingness to learn/use the R programming language.
• Basic proficiency in preferably open source GIS applications. (ARC, QGIS, others)

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