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Looking for an furnished apartment in Medellin

Hi everybody,

I am looking for an apartment in Medellin. I dont know much yet about the areas as I just arrived here few days ago (although I was here on holidays some years ago)

So, the only requirements I have at this moment are:

- I want to be in a safe area
- I want to have a furnished apartment
- My plan, in principle, is to leave alone so a small apartment would be fine
- It would be a plus if the apartment is close to a metro station as I dont have a car (and no plan to buy any)
- I would prefer an apartment with a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and toilett. As simple as that
- If direct rent is possible (I mean, not through an agency) that would be even better.

Regarding price, I am opened to quotes.

So, if anybody has some apartment to rent or knows somebody who rents, please send me a message or post it here. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your messages. Glad to be here in Medellin :D

Alberto :)

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