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Mudarse a Medellin

Hi there, dear Medellin Expat community

I'm thinking about relocating to Medellin, could you give me some advice?

I'm originally from Venezuela but I'm currently living in Bogota, the idea was to find an apartment so that I could bring my mom and pets from Venezuela but in the end the process was very complicated so I couldn't do it.

The high prices, overpopulation and insecurity of Bogota has led me to consider Medellin, but I don't know much about it. Could you help me by telling me:

1. How safe is it? How common are robberies and such?
2. How easy is it to transit it? Is the transportation system effective?
3. How expensive is it?
4. How is the job market?
5. How hard is it to rent an apartment/house?

Much appreciated.

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