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Postal problems to, and fro Colombia (Medellin)

Let’s see how useful this site is for bringing up expat issues and discussing them. I have problems with postal services into and out of Colombia and I would like to know if other expats in Colombia are having the same problems.

To clarify the problem, let me state clearly I am NOT targeting the specialist courier services like FedEx and DHL which have always worked very well for me….they should do, they are expensive enough!

Also, my query only concerns the postal services into and from Colombia and Europe. I have no experience of postal services between the USA and Colombia as they do not concern me. But expats from the USA; expand this query to your delivery problems by all means.

So what postal problems am I having?

I have been waiting for postal mails from my French and British pension institutions since December Protected content . These pension institutions are so miserly they would not think of using specialist services like DHL, so all their mail comes via “normal, national” overseas delivery (The Royal Mail in the UK and La Poste in France). Up until December Protected content , these services seemed to work reasonably well, although occasionally letters would dribble in a month, or 6 weeks later. Since December Protected content , I have received NOTHING from these sources despite these pension institutions confirming letters have been sent and verification made that the correct address had been used. We are talking about a dozen specifically identified letters here.

The same problem also seems to occur in the reverse direction. I have sent 5 mails to the UK and France since December Protected content only one has arrived. I used EMS Colombia Servicios Postales Nacionales S.A for these dispatches and, although they are not as expensive as DHL, FedEx, they are by no means cheap for a simple A4 sheet of paper at COP 134,000 a go.

So I am wondering what is happening? Matters were “relatively” ok up until Protected content , but this year it would seem Colombia has slipped off the map. Does anyone know? Is this happening to you?

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