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Small town living in Colombia - where to live (Medellin)

It took way longer than planned but at last the process is starting. I am coming to Colombia. The choice after a year and a halve is made and Colombia won over Ecuador and Nicaragua.

So the fun and games started. I quit my job after 11 Years at the company. Nice job. I am selling my house and everything that will not fit in a backpack. Did I mention when I decide on something it's all out no stops.

Now second question I am a farm boy and alergic to city life. Hell there is just over 2 million people in my whole country so no living in a city with more people than in my country aint gonna work. Call me a hillbilly but i want a small town close to nature. I need to be able to get my hand dirty I need soil and plants and animals. Reading a lot about Colombia the last months and 2 places ticle my fancy. Salent and Guatavita. Anyone here went there or know anything about the 2 towns? It would be great. I plan on opening a small take away, bakery, cofee shop thingy to keep me busy. I am too young to retire only 40 now. The idea is not to get rich but to keep me busy and out of trouble and to suppliment current income.
Hope to hear soon

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