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Anybody need voltage converters (Melbourne)


Hi, everybody. I have some stepdown converters that I don't need anymore (convert North American or Japanese or other International 120/110/100 voltage to Australian).

1x 100W and 3x 200W. I bought them online for about $25 each including shipping and tax. Is anybody interested in buying them for a discount? I've opened the boxes but found I didn't need them so they're virtually unused - I didn't realize that lamps didn't need a converter! I bought a Protected content also and it's the only one I use for kitchen appliances (toasters, kettles) requiring higher wattage but somebody might need the lower wattage ones (check your appliance for details), too!

The brand is Wallcan and they work great. Let me know your offer - I work in Melbourne CBD but could meet u most places for a 'drop'. Cheers.

100W-US Step Down Transformer Voltage Converter 240V-120V
200W-US Step Down Transformer Voltage Converter 240V-120V

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