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House agent drama !! (Melbourne)

Gday everyone.

I have a situation in hand. I know its not something that you would want to read on a Saturday..or for that on any other day but well, just a heads-up to people dealing with Realtors. I need some advise,any suggestions would be appreciated.

I rented a new studio for myself at Hawthorn. I did the payments beforehand, on 5th feb, inc the Bond & 1st month rent. I was suppose to move-in on the this 15th, 15th Feb.

I did the Condition report and to my dis-appointment the house was a mess and needed cleaning and kitchen flooring was yet to be done (you can see the cement on the floor). So I contacted the agent and inquired. He blamed me saying that the cleaning is done only after the Utilities are connected. So he needed me to get the electricity done. in a way,its fair but I was expecting my agent to be a little upfront (I paid the rent on the 5th Feb and since then the agent never communicated - in no forms what so ever)

Now when the electricity is connected, the agent advised that there is no cleaner available until mid next-week. Now that's a bit in-convenient trust me!!

And only yesterday I found out that the kitchen-flooring was still to be done.

HONESTLY, I am a bit annoyed by all of this. Only after I told the agent that I have been paying rent at 2 places, he promised he will speak to the land-lord and work something out. (basically changing the rent cycle to a different date instead of every 15th)

I am not sure what I should be doing at this point.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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