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HOUSING WANTED for rent for 2 peeps (Melbourne)

Hi there! I'm looking for a house for a couple to live in. We are 29 and 30 yrd. My boyfriend will be on a student visa and I'll be on a work and holiday. We'll arrive and look for a job, but we have money for months of rent. No worries. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to get a visa. We are pretty responsible, both graduated and with considerable professional experience. We travel a lot and love traveling. We could either rent a house ourselves or share with another couple or other people. We are a south american and an european. We don't have a specific neighborhood we want. Anything safe and not in the middle of nowhere will do. The most we intend to pay weekly is 800. But we would be very very happy the pay Protected content possible :] Oh, and better furnished. I lived in Melbourne before, and I liked Northcote, Thornbury, Brunswick... or even areas like Kew East. Thank you for your attention.

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