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How hard can it be to get a job in Melbourne?

People do succeed, right?

Well. That first line contained pretty much all the optimism I have :) I'm a designer/photographer/copywriter looking for a job, like so many of you, and I have a few questions about the work visa route!

- Job websites like, mycareer... do they actually work, or is there the assumption that you have a work visa, and once they see you don't you get dropped like a hot potato?

- Is it a good idea to get a working holiday visa for 12 months and look for an employer who will convert you to a work visa later on? What are the chances?

- What kinds of employers will sponsor a work visa? Big companies who can afford it, or small firms who are more willing to hire foreign workers?

- What kinds of employers sponsor PRs? Would that be large international firms?

- If I am employed in Australia and leave my job to work freelance, what kind of visa should I apply for since I assume I will lose my employer-sponsored work visa?

Thanks and I hope to see you all one day!

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