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issue with Gov taxes as (non)-resident. Need help! (Melbourne)

I had to declare my e-tax for Protected content my TFN is "non-resident' so I ended having to pay 45% of my incomes and couldn't get the superannuation back as the only "official" job I had was just casual and wasn't enough to contribute to the superannuation and get it back (earned 700$ in 3 months).
I actually found out that I should have declared being a resident as I lived 1 year in Australia and more than 6 months at the same place in QLD. As a "resident", I do not need to pay any tax (under $ Protected content but I am now fighting with the government to prove that I was a resident and need to send official copies of proof of address over 6 months, which is a real issue as I have no proof (I gave the rent directly cash in hand). The other option is asking to the QLD government the history of adresses as I used to own a car...but it takes over 50 days to do this procedure and will cost me $20 to $35 to get the document (official copies) from them.
I am leaving the country in 2 months and to ask the refund from the gov with all documents they ask take over a month with no garanty they will refund the money.
I haven't paid my taxes yet but have to, before asking the money back... If I don't, I am afraid the australian security won't let me leave the country.

Any suggestion or contacts I could get to help me getting sorted with this ?

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