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IT Work in Melbourne

Hi Everybody,

We ( Myself, Herself and 3 winks) are making the big move next year around September. Subject to visa... points wise should be ok once I can get ACS to recognize my work experience. 16 years working in IT with 8 of those in technical project management and technical account management. Hopefully I can get in on state sponsorship with ICT project management. I have worked with the likes of IBM, Dell, HP and Compaq as well as SME and startups. I am a Dell DSCE master level certified technician. I also have a wealth of experience in POS, eCommerce and web.

Anyone in the IT sector, tell me what in your experience is the jobs market like for someone with my experience? Obviously a very daunting thing, moving the whole family lock stock to AUS without the guarantee of work. I have never been out of work from the day I left school or education. I would consider myself a grafter who is not afraid of hard work and commitment.

I do have somewhat of a support structure there in Melbourne via childhood friends who emigrated nearly 30 years ago.

Anyway, thanks for any reply's, feedback, suggestions are more than welcome.



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