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Old Age Pensions (Melbourne)

An open letter to all Australians, Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the devil himself.

I have been an Australian citizen since Protected content , and lived in Victoria and Queensland over this time.
In late August Protected content , at age 62, I came to live in Thailand, been here for the last 2 years.
In August this year Protected content returned to Australia for two weeks and lodged my age pension forms, thinking that as an Australian Citizen and after having spent almost 40 years in the country, I would be able to claim it. To my surprise I received notification from Center link stating that my application was declined because I did not live in Australia for the previous 2 years ?????? According to Center link I was no longer a resident. (considering that I have 1 brother 1 sister 4 children, 8 grand children, and scores of relatives that live in Oz.)
I am not a mathematician, but 3/4 of my life was spent in Australia believing that I belonged to the pack (proud Australian) , then I left the country for 5 minutes, and by pure magic I lost my rights.
I am totally confused, they have asked me to live in Australia for 2 years before I could claim it !!!!! what happened to almost 40 years that I lived there ????
The mighty Australia, the crusader of human rights, the world leader in everything and anything, the lucky country, the , the ,the…………(to many virtues and qualities to list here) is conveniently ROBBING me of my basic rights ????

It seems to me that Center link , and policy makers have difficulty understanding the terms “Citizenship” and “Residency”
Citizenship is a privilege given by any government to a citizen allowing him to live in a country .
Residency is a privilege that any citizen should have in deciding where one wants to live.
Conveniently the Australian government (Center link) is using the loophole of “residency) to refuse to pay Old Age Pension if one does not live in Australia two years prior of claiming OAP.
I lived in Australia for 40 years, (continually) worked, pay my dues, and lived as perfect citizen.
One does not have to be a mathematician, but 40 years is far greater than 2.
Now if a Citizen lived in Australia for Protected content , left the country for 40 years, but decided to return to Oz for two years ,(prior to lodge a claim) he/she is entitled to receive the OAP …..OOPPS !!!!! I should have warned you…… mathematical skills are not the best.
As we say back home …..they need to (STOP THE BULL SHIT)
Old Age pension is just that “OLD AGE PENSION) , no bull shit, no loop holes, no ifs & buts, no trickery, and above all politicians must remember that past and current generations …. MADE THE COUNTRY THAT AUSTRALIA IS.

A child would tell you that anything that has strings attached is NOTHING BUT A CON, PERIOD.
Don’t insult our intelligence.
(Scrap the two year ruling), 20,30 or 40 years in the country is far greater then 2 years, don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that.
Centre link and Politicians must come to their senses, and “CALL A SPADE A SPADE” no strings attached, they already have a rotten reputation , My finger is pointed to the Prime Minister and all her cronies….CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.

I would like to hear from other citizen that have been humiliated by those morons, please contact me and let’s see if a group action can be initiated.
God bless Australia

A very disgruntled Australian
Joseph Ellul

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