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working in Australia (Melbourne)

Hi. I'm Bob from sunny Florida, USA. I am a US citizen, a serial entrepreneur, with law, MBA and BBA degrees from a good US university, have created the concept for a global internet p2p funding intermediary and for a centre for innovation, and have written a comprehensive start-up manual, each of which is synergistic toward economic development and creating jobs. I am the business guy who can provide the foundation for app and other start-ups, really experienced and qualified. I'd like to live, work and build my business in Melbourne. You can learn more about me from my Linked In profile - Protected content .

Regarding my question, my understanding is it is really difficult to get a visa or other authorization that would let me stay in Australia and pursue my business interests without a significant financial showing. My question is: is it possible/likely my 90-day tourist stay in Australia can be extended and/or changed to a work permit visa if things go well in establishing my business or will I have to exit and return? Doing so may not be a problem if it just means going to Auckland for the weekend but I'd like to learn options and likely outcomes.

Any comments/suggestions? Many thanks.

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