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A Vineyard in the City? (Mexico City)

Believe it or not, but a new trend worldwide in recent times, has been the creation of green and sustainable spaces, some of them are urban vineyards.

These entrepreneurial projects are proving that in spite of adverse situations, such as pollution, climate changes or lack of rain, good table wines can be made at affordable prices, bringing the wine making experience to the cities.

Urban centers such as Paris, London, Vienna, New York and Auckland have engaged in this adventure and succeeded.

Mexico City is not the exception. Vinicola Urbana ( Protected content ) managed by Guillermo Tame, has created a micro cosmos in our hectic and sometimes problematic environment, where you can get immerse in a beautiful space while enjoying and experiencing the process of wine making.

A cultural approach and an inspiring way of creating new business models.

InterNations Mexico City, will be hosting a onetime event at this spectacular venue, on Saturday, November 29th, from 1 to 9 pm. Sign up at Protected content

Vinicola Urbana is close to the general public, so don´t miss this exciting opportunity.

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