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An Englishman in Mexico (Mexico City)


Hello all!

I wanted to introduce myself but was not sure where exactly to place this post, I hope this is the correct section.

As the title suggests, I moved out over a year ago to start a life in Mexico. The UK routine and organisation began to bore me and so as soon as I graduated, I took the first plane to Mexico!

I know this was a huge risk, but I really wanted a challenge. However I didn't know just how much of a challenge it was going to be and more to the point, how difficult it was to find a job over here!! I am half-spanish and so thought it was going to be a breeze! The only jobs that seem to be on offer are sales execs (i studied business management at uni) or as an english teacher! I reeeally don't like teaching and so I am writing here to see how other Brits have done over here, and just any general info!

P.S I ideally want a job in Morelos, though it seems more and more likely, that I may have to move to Mexico City!

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