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Black Awareness Day in Brazil (Mexico City)

The Black Awareness Day is celebrated on November 20 in Brazil and is dedicated to reflection on the inclusion of blacks in Brazilian society. The week in which that day is named after Black Awareness Week.

The date was chosen to coincide with the day of death of Zumbi dos Palmares in Protected content . The Day of Black Consciousness seeks to be a date to remember the strength of black slavery in general, the first since the forced transportation of Africans to the Brazilian soil Protected content .

Some entities such as the Black Movement (the largest of its kind in the country) organized lectures and educational events, mainly targeting black children. It seeks to prevent the development of self-bias, ie, the inferiority in society.

Other issues discussed by the black community and gaining evidence on this day are: inclusion of blacks in the labor market, university quota, if there is discrimination by the police, ethnic identification, fashion and beauty, black, etc..

The day is celebrated since the Protected content , although it has only expanded its events in recent years, even then, the black movement had to be content with the May 13, Abolition of Slavery - the celebration that has been rejected by the emphasis often "generosity" of Princess Elizabeth.

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