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Brazilian - Mexican Fraternization Nov. 2010 (Mexico City)

Fraternization by end of the year

November 28.

Casa do Brasil celebrated the end of Protected content with a fraternization in restaurant
Cruzeiro of Brazil, where students, teachers and Brazilian community enjoyed a Minas delicious food buffet, live music with Sambrasil (Luis Carlos "Thatá," Messias Andrade and Edenir Lopez) and a nice moment.
The appointment was at 2 pm, and little by little, the guests were arriving, to fill place. Halfway through the meeting were handed out awards to teachers for the Protected content , and mentioned some student projects that were developed in conjunction with teachers.

We want to say thank you to Valmir Leoni, his wife, the Chef and everybody in the restaurant for their support during the event, and we hope that everyone has been great!

And as in this case a picture is worth that a thousand words, we show some of the photos of the event:
Protected content

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