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Business Consultancy (Mexico City)

DMD Consulting is a company with more than ten years of experience on business consultancy. Our services encompass different and varied aspects, we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists such as economists, accountants, solicitors, and actuaries to attend your specific consultancy needs.
Our services include among others:
• Tax and legal services
 Tax strategies for individuals.
 Tax strategies for legal entities.
 Accounting and tax management.
 Transfer pricing
 Foreign trade taxes.
 Proceedings and legal disputes.

• Business Strategy
 Strategic Planning (Balanced Scorecard)
 Business Plans.
 Project evaluation.
 Marketing analysis.
 Process analysis.
 Rescuing or restructuring ailing companies.
 Logistics.

• Financial Planning
 Budgeting.
 Analysis of the main financial indicators.
 Analysis of business profitability.
 Analysis of the business cycle of the company.
 Project evaluation.
 Financial diagnosis of the company.

• Public Sector
• Cost-benefit evaluation.
• Lobbing.
• Socio-economic project evaluation.
• Management and operative process optimization, by increasing efficiency, cost reduction, and balancing workload.
• Support in performance evaluation.

Check our web site: Protected content
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Address: Montecito No. 38 floor 28, office 12 and 16; Nápoles, Benito Juárez, Protected content , World Trade Center, México, City.

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