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Can you help me with an internship in Mexico City?

Dear Internations members in Mexico City,
Being a Dutch member of Internations, currently living in Zagreb, Croatia, I still work at a school in Holland.
For one of my students at TIO University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I am looking for an organization in Mexico City where this student can do an internship for 24 weeks. (Average: 50% working for the organization, 50% working on his thesis and research).
The organization should preferably be in the hospitality sector.
The internship should start end of January Protected content . The student will do a research based on an actual ‘problem’ the organization is facing. Examples of research are flexible and could be in the following areas: ‘what’s the best way to put a new product/service into the market?’ ‘How to attract new customers?’, ‘How to develop new markets?’, ‘efficiency and effectiveness’, ‘attractive marketing communication’, ‘sustainability’, ‘marketing through social media’ etc.
The thesis will be concluded with conclusions and advice for the organization how to improve on the chosen topic.
If you see possibilities and/or if you need more information I will provide you with the contact information of the student.
In advance my sincere thanks for your cooperation,
With kind regards,

Mexico City Forum