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CONFERENCE ON IMPORTANT EXISTING & NEW LAWS in Mexico covering important new laws regarding: A) Immigration, B) Insurances while driving a vehicle in Mexico, C) Fideicomiso Traslativo de Dominio contracts and the legislation to abolish them, D) Capital Gain Tax upon selling a real estate property, E) washing money suspected operations, F) Requirements when one represents another by Mandate (POA); this applies to everyone including real estate vendors, G) Responsibility on the environment, H) Universal pension and unemployment insurance. Speaker: LIC. JACQUES-EDOUARD BEAULNE, LL.B. D.D.N.. Author, Law Professor & Lawyer.
Cost: 25.00 US$ / Single; 40.00 US$ / Couple.

This conference is been given in serveral cities in Mexico.

Anyone in Mexico city or anywhere else interested in this conference please e-mail me at Protected content

In the event that 40 persons minimum confirm they would want to attend then I will book a hall, be it in Mexico City or anywhere else so as to give the conference in January Protected content .

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