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Conference: "Visual and Sound Poetry" (Mexico City)

November 22.

Casa do Brasil was present at the conference by César Magalhães Borges,
writer and professor of Brazilian and English literature and a member of the Academia Guarulhense de Letras.

The author of books of poetry as "Folhas soltas", Ciclo da Lua "and" Canto Belico" and books for children as "Bolhas de Sabão" began talking about sound poetry, with the example of the poem by Manuel Bandeira, "Trem de Ferro", which, going by uttering the words with the characteristic rhythm of a train, we started on the journey of knowledge of poetry sound, with melodies and tones, giving way later to visual poetry.

For examples of the latter, showed us pictures of the kanji, visual poems about 40
or 50 years ago that are still challenging and his poem, inspired by the words of Albert Einstein "God does not play dice with the universe", in form of a die, and reading it
in numerical order.

His comments inspired participation of students and assistant professors, both IPN
UNAM as on issues of great importance as a way to encourage students to
read aloud and understand, to enjoy the experience of poetry or any
arts, because a man cannot live without art.

The poet ended with the poem "Visit", thanking all the participation and interest:

...Antes de ir,
experimente mais um bocado,
leve um pouco de nós p’ra casa,
que uma boa conversa se finda
com gosto de quero mais.

Today Conference:
18:00 hrs “Un viaje a través de la cultura popular brasileña”
Sebastião Andreu y Kátia Sanches
Secretaría de Estado de Educación de São Paulo, Brasil.

Fogo Ensemble Band – 19:30 hrs

Mexico City Forum