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Cook in Japan (Mexico City)

Hello All! I'm a Mexican food lover living in a Japanese city of 600,000 in Japan, with no Mexican restaurant! Except for the one which will be open as soon as I find a cook. The locale has been rented, the licenses and permits are in order, I just need an expert in Mexican food. My plan has been to hire a good Japanese cook and have him/her learn the recipes out of the book, but it dawned on me that it might be possible to actually find someone interested directly out of Mexico. I haven't looked into the work visa issue yet, but I know Tokyo has lots of foreigners working there and for sure there is one big Mexican restaurant in particular with a large Mexican cooking staff.
This is a small restaurant and the idea is traditional, standard Mexican cooking, not necessarily anything fancy. In any case, I doubt if the restaurant will provide enough income to pay a professional chef.
So here I am on Internations wondering if any of you know of someone who might be interested in seeing Japan and working at what should be a fun and interesting job.
Daniel Shumway
Hamamatsu, Japan

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