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Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico City

While death remains taboo in many places around the world:

“The Mexican on the other hand, frequents it, mocks it, caresses it, sleeps with it, entertains it, it is one of his favorite playthings and his most enduring love.” Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize-winning Mexican writer

The Day of the dead, began as a pre-hispanic tradition; where death was seen as a continuation of life. Ofrendas (offerings) were made to encourage and welcome the spirits of lost loved ones to return home. The celebration of the day of the dead, has survived Spanish colonialism, Catholicism, and the modern industrialized era. While vibrant in modern day Mexican culture, the core practices of the Day of the Dead are now representative of the melting pot of cultures living in Mexico.

Come explore this journey of change in this year's celebration of Dia Del Muertos (day of the dead Protected content , where you will have the opportunity to experience this holiday like never before.

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