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Designed Business Networking Event (Mexico City)

How would you feel about the organization of a Designed Business Networking Event? An event where members are introduced directly to other members of interest targeted by previous given information?

Organizers will design, plan and schedule the meetings in advance and will introduce during the event each member to its possible new contact or contacts of interest.

The design of this format meeting will allow you to use your time efficiently. The only requisite to be introduced to new connections would be to express your interest previously; letting the organizers know what business connections you are looking for. With this information organizers will arrange the meeting.

To be more specific you could even send a questionnaire filled with the following questions:

1) What business contacts are you interested to connect with and meet during the Event?
2) In what industry do you work? For what company do you work?
3) What position do you have in your field of work?
4) What would be your goal to achieve during and after the meeting?

Is this an interesting idea to you? Should the InterNations Ambassadors give it a try by organizing an event with this format?

Yes or no?

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