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Do you know where you're headding? (Mexico City)

I have met very few people who have a "Life Plan." I think that time is running so fast that we rarely have time to ask ourselves: WHERE AM I GOING?
When we decide to improvise our decisions on the road, we risk the chance to take charge of our future, rather than choosing a path that takes us toward the goals we want to achieve.
At 18, frankly, we're too immature to know what we want to do the rest of our lives. We do not know how many opportunities life can offer, much less where and how to find them.
The sad thing is that many people on their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s ... still don’t know where they're going, because they never asked themselves. They have simply been "winging it" until a decision becomes a policy of choosing the "lesser" than to fight and achieve "greater".
Having a Life Plan, really helps to project your future and take steps towards solid targets. Maybe you’ll have to take some detours, but you’ll always know where the road is and how to return to it, or hopefully, this diversion will open new and larger opportunities so you may have to redefine the plan, but never feel aimless.
To make a life plan, you need to follow these steps:
1) Know your strengths and weaknesses. When you define these areas, you get to know yourself deeply and you can develop a plan in which you adapt this skills for faster, exciting and nutritious results.
2) Find how to multiply your strengths and reduce your weaknesses. This can be through small challenges, activities or training that will make you grow professionally and personally.
3) Commit to an ambitious goal. Identify in which areas you want to grow and what would be the opposite way to achieving that growth (so you can get away from there as soon as possible).
4) Define objectives and turn them into goals. Compare the place you want to go and where you are right now. Imagine every challenge as a step and describe what steps you need to make to get to the point you chose as "The Goal".
5) Set a deadline for each goal. Do not let anything distract you and create a sensible time so you won’t miss a beat. As you reach it, start to head towards the next target. When you get to "The Goal", create a new one.
All this seems easy, but it’s not. That’s why successful people are so rare.
I’d like you to share with us which goals have you achieved, how you did it and the new goals you established.
Hopefully these stories will help someone who wants to experience this concept.
Greetings, and I wish you success in all your projects!

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