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English Speaking Theatre Co Auditions! Fri and Sun (Mexico City)

Dear Friends of the English Speaking Theatre Co.,
As promised we are following our first very successful production of the ESTCo. with a children's show, Wiley and The Hairy Man by Susan Zeder. Wiley will be rehearsed throughout the summer except for the last two weeks of June and it will be performed throughout the month of August on weekends. We hope to extend the run into other months but we will negotiate those dates with the cast later.

Auditions will be held on Friday, May 31st from 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m and on Sunday, June 2nd from 3: Protected content . Please keep Sunday, June 2nd from 5: Protected content open in case I need to call you back. I will tell you after your audition.

Auditions will be held at the Foro Luces de Bohemia, Orzaba Protected content Colonia Roma (where I held my last show).
For Directions: Protected content

You will only need to be there for about 1 hour at either of these times but you may stay the whole time if you like! Please fill out the audition form and bring it with you to the audition. ( I will send it to you when you e-mail me.)

Please e-mail me and let me know when you will be there so that I can balance the auditions and everyone gets an optimal chance to audition. Protected content

Wiley is a children's play based on an African American tale that was finally recorded in writing in Protected content a story during the Great Depression as part of The Federal Writer's Project under FDR's New Deal.

Wiley is a play that is written in US southern dialect that teaches children to use their intelligence to face their fears. It will be a performance that requires a lot of movement and improvisation with very BIG characterization.

Remember that the English Speaking Theatre Co. is a company that works on a community theatre basis. We strive to put on performances that appear professional but anyone who has a love for theatre and a creative flair is WELCOME to audition! Remember that I am a Theatre teacher first and foremost and a Director after that. I would rather work with the novice actor who is a hard worker and good team player than the most accomplished prima dona! So feel free to come out and challenge yourself and see if this is right for you.

AUDITION SIDES (Scripts): Please e-mail me for the scenes that I am going to use for auditions. It is suggested that you print these and practice for the parts which you would like to audition. You should bring these scripts to auditions with you as we will have limited copies at auditions. There is NO NEED to memorize the script.

Never wear black to an audition. The curtains are black, the stage is sometimes black and there is little lighting. You want to stand out not blend into the scenery. Save the jewelry for Friday night. Do wear something that you can move around in and can even get on the floor with comfortable shoes.

So without further delay or fanfare, here are the descriptions of the characters as I see them.
Wiley – he’s a young boy (played by an adult) that lives way back in the swamp with his Mammy and his dog! Wiley is good at climbing trees, not blinking and holdin’ real still when he has to and squirming outta things when he has to! His biggest fear is the HAIRY MAN that got his Pappy!

Mammy – is Wiley’s Mammy and she is the best conjure woman in the whole southeast county! Wiley’s Mammy has already had one run in with the Hairy Man when he done got Wiley’s Pappy!

Dog – is just a good old dog that follows Wiley around and keeps the Hairy Man away because everyone knows that Hairy Man can’t stand no dogs! Everybody knows that! Dog has to have good ability for movement on the floor, to be on all fours for long periods of time and to be able to freeze. Dog can be played by a male or female actor.

The Hairy Man – He is big and mean and ugly and he is a real smooooth talker! He’s got hairy eyes and hairy feet and hairy breath, according to Wiley! He done got Wiley’s Pappy and he can conjure better than Wiley’s Mammy according to him! He shore would like to have Wiley over for lunch!

Chorus - The chorus is made up of three or four very creative people that are good with movement. (think Pilobolus!)They can easily get up and down off the floor. They can work together to create shapes and sounds and scary swamp atmospheres that will test Wiley’s strength and courage and most importantly, his “smarts!”

Play Description: This play is a play intended for children but will played by adults. It uses a southern dialect that is written into the dialogue of each of the characters. The entire play run time is about 45 to 50 minutes and will more than likely be performed twice each evening. We would like to run the play for three weekends in August.

Mark Webber
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