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Fair Trade Products in your office or market. (Mexico City)

Hi Everyone,

I work in the Junta de Asistencia Privada del D.F., the government body in charge of supervising, supporting and promoting the NGO´s in the City (specifically those established as Instituciones de Asistencia Privada).

At the moment we are looking for spaces (businesses, homes, markets, etc.) to "host" the fair trade products offered by our NGOs (they are locally sourced products and the proceeds are used to benefit their work - which inc. education, health, women, children, seniors and many more).

Would anyone be interested in hosting our NGOs over a period of time? The only thing they need is a small space, table, a chair or two and a couple of hours. Ideally you could host 1 organization a day for a few hours and a second another day, etc.

Our goal is to not only promote their products but also their labor throughout the City. La Procuraduria Ambiental and our office have already hosted the organizations.

Thanks, everyone! Your help will get us one step closer to strengthening Mexico´s third sector.

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