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Feed your dog fresh, natural and balanced meals (Mexico City)

If you want to give your dog the best dogfood available in Mexico, there is now Lucky Dog. I started this business by chance, out of love for my adopted Mexican dog, Max, who was gaining weight and limping like a lame horse. So I began to feed him an all natural, home-made diet to help him lose a few extra kilos and try to cure him of his premature arthritis which I believe was a result of eating dry, comercial dog food. The differnce of feeding Max a home-made, natural diet was remarkable. In three months he dropped 5 kilos, his coat became shiny and soft, and his energy increased. Many of my neighbors with dogs in the Condesa noticed the difference and began asking me to make meals for their dogs, and so Lucky Dog Natural Nutrition program was born.
To order your sample or recieve a 10 discount on your order, you can either send me a message on Internations or go to our web page: Protected content .
And by the way, I've started a group in Mexico called Canine Connections, so if you have a dog please join!

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